SCPN (safe corridor pedestrian navigation) Module

Green Line Showing Person Walking

The green line shows how a person walks a route within a given corridor (dotted lines).


Intermodal routing and pedestrian navigation is becoming an increasingly sought-after functional requirement for many mass-market mobile apps.  For vehicle drivers a variety of map-matching methods and corresponding APIs exist that can be applied to increase the perceived accuracy of the user's current position on a map.  For pedestrian navigation, however, where it is essential to provide accessible guidance of users in a safe corridor, no such APIs exist. The recently released Safe Corridor Pedestrian Navigation (SCPN) module of the HaptiMap toolkit provides a variety of interaction and geographical methods and components that enable the extraction of an SCPN-API to support the development of various pedestrian navigation apps.


The SCPN example can be obtained using Apache Subversion (SVN) from


The full toolkit (including code) can be obtained using SVN from /

Alternatively, browse



The Joined API

The Joined AIP is a light-weight part of the Haptimap toolkit published separately.  It is an API for localization of people and places, based on the Joined application that was developed within the HaptiMap project.  Joined helps you locate your friends while outdoors at open-air festivals, crowded mass events and in other diverse environments.  Joined not only shows the location of your friends on a map, it also provides the direction and distance to your friends by sound and vibration.

The publicly available Joined API enables users to build their own innovative applications based on the Joined infrastructure and the following functionality:

  • Register and login as a new user
  • Search and contact friends
  • Show the location of friends
  • Chat with friends
  • Take a bearing of a friend

More details are available on the Joined API homepage.