Watch the HaptiMap Video for an overview of the project.

It highlights a number of demonstrator apps that have been created to test various components of the HaptiMap Toolit, such as Juicy Beats, Pocket Navigator, Joined, (Lund) Time Machine, Tandem Tour, Virtual Excavator, and NavEscort.


The videos in the following links show the potential of the Toolkit.  The mobile apps in the videos have been created using a selection of the Toolkit HCI modules.

  • Juicy Beats Event Guide - A guiding app that helps users locate stages, facilities and get information about the acts and artists at a large event such as a live concert.  It includes a friend finder option which allows the users to locate themselves and their friends on an interactive map, while being able to guide them together through the use of vibration and sound patterns.  This app is accessible for those who are visually impaired or for use during inclement weather or similar situations.  It makes use of the HaptiMapToolkit HCI bearing module.  Juicy Beats was developed by GeoMobile GmbH
  • Pocket Navigator - This app allows the user to navigate using vibration feedback from their mobile device. This removes the need to look at the map on the display screen, so the device can be kept safely in a pocket while the user walks their route.  The app makes use of OpenStreetMap. More information can be found on the demonstrator website.  It was developed by OFFIS e.V..
  • Lund Time Machine - This app provides a guided tour, past and present, though the streets of Lund.  It causes the mobile device to vibrate when pointed in the direction of an interesting landmark.  Once near the monument, building or sight, soundscapes of historical events are activated and information is provided verbally from the app.  This is also available on-screen as text.  The users are able to watch their environment rather than the device as they walk through the town.  This app was developed by Lund University (Certec and the GIS Centre).


There are a number of example applications available for download to your mobile device:

  • Joined (iOS) or Joined (Android) - Joined helps you to locate your friends outdoors; at open-air festivals, crowded mass events and other unknown environments. Joined not only shows the location of your friends on a map, it also provides the direction and distance to your friends by sound and vibration.  This app is available for free from both the iTunes store and Google Play.  More information can be found on the Joined webpage.