The latest HaptiMap Toolkit release is version 1.0b5.  It includes:

  • Updated Android examples,
  • Bug fixes,
  • Refreshed build files.


HaptiMap Toolkit release version 1.0b4 (Feb 24th 2012) includes:

  • A reorganised 'Examples' folder for the Android Crust modules to make it easier to find the modules.
  • Several bug fixes
  • New libraries that refer to or use our project specific OpenStreetMap server.


HaptiMap Toolkit release version 1.0b3 includes:

  • Bug fixes to address problems with the OpenStreetMap (OSM) geodata plug-in
  • Minor reorganisation of the Android example Apps.
  • The OSM data for the toolkit is now delivered from a dedicated mirror server that is currently populated with data from Sweden, G.B. and Ireland. A full European dataset will be available by 1st January 2012.


Haptimap Toolkit release version 1.0b2.


Haptimap Toolkit release version 1.01b1.