User requirements and design guidelines for map applications
(D1.4, screen pdf, 1.8 MB)

User requirements and design guidelines for map applications
(D1.4, print pdf, 9.6 MB)


Accessible map and LBS content guidelines (D4.4)


User tests of the final demonstrator applications (D1.5)



HaptiMap toolkit wiki: https://haptimap.ee.qub.ac.uk/dev/wiki/Landing



Proceedings for the workshop: Observing the Mobile User Experience, NordiCH 2010, published: http://omue10.offis.de/files/OMUE10-Proceedings.pdf


Proceedings for the workshop: Using Audio and Haptics for Delivering Spatial Information via Mobile Devices, MobileHCI 2010 published:



Proceedings for the workshop: Multimodal Location Based Techniques for Extreme Navigation, Pervasive 2010: http://www.haptimap.org/organized-events/pervasive/pervasivewsproceedings.html



User study guidelines (D1.2) (opens in a new window).


Initial User Studies (D1.1).



Proceedings of the "Guidelines for Haptic Lo-Fi Prototyping" workshop held in Lund at NordiCHI 2008.


Link to list of published papers with HaptiMap relevance.